Hi! I'm Dr. Chris Maria

I am an author and keynote speaker in the Upstate of SC. I deliver engaging and meaningful presentations in public high schools, colleges, universities, and community organizations, Inspiring Young Minds to Overcome Life Challenges and Lead a Purposeful Life

I am a former public-school English teacher and college professor. I received my Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Urban Education from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My research focuses on improving education for pregnant and parenting students.

As an author, I write in an education market as well as an Inspirational market. I am the author of Helping Teen Moms Graduate: Strategies for Families, Schools, and Community Organizations (Feb 15, 2023), and my upcoming inspirational memoir is, Daughter of a Teen Mom: A Daughter's Journey to Understand Her Mother's Story (Forthcoming 2024).

Founder of Teen Moms Anonymous

I am the founder of Teen Moms Anonymous. Teen Moms Anonymous is a community-based support group program for teen moms who are trauma survivors. 

Our mission is to help teen moms who are trauma survivors heal from their trauma, so that they can attach and support the healthy emotional development of their children.

Participation is open to both teen girls 15-19 who are currently pregnant and parenting (with written consent from a parent or guardian) and adult women who were teen moms and are still living with unresolved trauma. 

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"There is not one book in this bookstore that addresses that issue (Helping Teen Moms Graduate)"

--- Manager, Barnes & Noble

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